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Fireworks at Pringle Creek Park Tags:
Added: 2nd July 2008
Posted By: seano††† Views: 1482†††
Pringle Creek Park I am from Ottawa and I was visiting family in Whitby and went to Pringle Creek Park for Canada Day fireworks. Being from Ottawa, the fireworks here are may not be the same as the Nation's Capital but were spectacular all the same
Added: 2nd July 2008
Posted By: seano††† Views: 1348†††
Super Dog How high can he jump?
Tags: superdogs,dogs,festivals,jump
Added: 21st June 2008
Posted By: stacytaylor††† Views: 1091†††
Calvins Last Installment Until Spring! This is the last picture Calvin wants to take this winter. AS you can see he DOES NOT like the snow! He will send you new and excting updates come spring. Cobourg Calvin all about town, Calvins' favourite vacation spots, fishing with Pappa to name a few. He looks forward to seeing you then. If anything new happens in the mean time, he'll let you know. Calvin says "see you around for now until it gets warm 'yip yip'
Tags: dogsCalvin
Added: 4th January 2008
Posted By: crazyartist††† Views: 1127†††
Cobourg Coolest Cat Calvin Calvin is my surrogate Grandson. He is my daughter's little chihuahua with big personality. He is our super hero and therapist. My husband and I both suffer from a disability and the last few years have been pretty tough. It's taken a lot out of us. We moved up here to be closer to my Daughter figuring she'd be good for us and vice-versa. She is and it's been nice to be closer to her. But Calvin is an added thrill. He has taught us how to be young and silly and quirky again. He is a great companion when he's here. He watches hockey with his Papa quietly, they sit there together like a pair of buddies. But when Granma comes out it's crazy time!!!! He does this spin around the perimeter of the room and darts in and around the furniture like psycho dog. He so fast you can barely see him streaking around. Then he play a brutal game of hide and seek. If you really fool him he gives you a yip yip and acts like he's going to tear you up. He loves his peanut butter and especially when Grandma goes to his special cookie jar. I get him home made treats from the human society. Cheese and pea bones. He does a little twirl and yip,yip, he gets so excited. He wakes Papa in bed, goes right up and kisses him on his oxygen mask. The he lays down and sleeps in with him. We're sad when he has to go home again. He has truly been a blessing and good for us both. For our spirit and for my exercise when he chases me in and around the kitchen. He's taught me to have fun again and forget pain for a while. Besides, he's what is important when he's around and he lets you know it. Try not paying attention to him and see what happens. You get a ball dropped at your feet, a stuffed mallard dragged over, or your socks pulled off. He is a character!
Tags: dogCalvin
Added: 3rd January 2008
Posted By: crazyartist††† Views: 1104†††
Why my dog is a superdog My dog is a super dog because she knows to sit and give a paw when we take out her treat tin. She is a Wheaten Terrier and her name is Montana, but she responds to Tanny too. Thatís her nick-name. She loves to go on long walks and runs with us when we cross country ski. She likes to be rubbed under her belly and chin. She gets along with my pet rabbit. She loves to play with other dogs. I have no brothers or sisters but she is just like my sister. Taylor Paradis
Added: 17th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 1421†††
A pretty good life My dog, Tasha, has been in harm before she got sent to the pound. She has made it in life successfully and joyfully. Before we adopted her we were thinking she was kept up in small spaces, and that's why she never wants to be alone. When we leave, she cries until we get home. That's why she always has to come with us. When we are out she runs around. She always comes back because she knows where the loves comes from. She's a very fast runner. After being petted she runs around like a wild horse. She has a pretty good life right now! Kendra Kooger
Added: 17th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 1088†††
Buddy is super Hi my name is Connor Macleod, I am 10 yrs old. My dogs name is Buddy, I think he is a Super-dog because he can run really fast, he is a very good jumper, In the summer he goes swimming almost every day to an island across our bay. He likes playing with his ball, and I throw it for him, sometimes he catches it in the air. He is a bit of a bed hog at night!! He is good to other dogs and people, and he never bits. For these reasons I think my dog is a super-dog. Buddy is the black dog in the picture, with his friend Lucy!!!
Added: 17th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 1150†††
Cutey Calvin This is Calvin when he was a baby. Isn't he the sweetest thing?
Tags: contest
Added: 17th December 2007
Posted By: crazyartist††† Views: 1297†††
Meet Basil Basil is my adorable six year old Schnoodle. He is truly a super dog and would love to participate in the Super Dog Show. Basil is a Super Dog because he always makes me happy. The most unique thing about Basil is he can actually smile when he is happy. Basil always comes running to the door to greet us with a big smile and a snort snort hello. When Basil smiles its hard to be sad or not smile back at him. Basil takes turns sleeping with each of us during the night, making us each feel loved. Basil is very well trained. He comes when called, heels when walking, can shake a paw and leap over hurdles. He always waits patiently by the door until each of his paws are wiped clean after being outside. Basil makes us feel special by being there whenever we need him. He knows when we are sick or need a cuddle and comes up and gives a big kiss. He is very affectionate. Even if Basil does not win this contest, he will always be a super dog to us. -- Sarah Parish
Added: 16th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 1130†††
Meet Cheech This is Cheech. He is a 10-lb. Shih Tzu and he is almost 10 years old. I adopted him when he was 2 years old. I think he is a Superdog because he is a therapy dog. We started volunteering together with the help of the St. John Ambulance Pet Therapy program 2 years ago. We have been visiting the same seniors residence for 2 years now and the people just love to see him. We visit there once a week and Cheech loves to lay down on their laps. He is even allowed to lay down with some people in their beds and I believe he helps to give them some joy and comfort. He is very calm and lovable and I think he makes a difference in the lives of some of these people. That is why I think he is a Superdog, - my Superdog. Lisa Caissie
Added: 15th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 1264†††
Crazy for Koko-Puffs My baby girl, Koko-Puffs, is 5 years old and less then a 5 pound bag, 'sack of potatoes.' She is a beautiful female toy-breed Pomeranian that is energetic, friendly, playful, and is an absolute show off because her mom and dad were show dogs. Her favorite thing to do is to bounce around on her hind legs when we come home after a long days work. I have always wanted to make her a show dog but due to financial constraints it is not a possibility. In a season of wishes , it would be a Christmas wish come true if my little Koko-Puffs could perform in front of all the wonderful families in Oshawa and give them as much warmth and enjoyment and love as she does for me. Kara Neil
Added: 13th December 2007
Posted By: durhamnews††† Views: 3020†††

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